The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Thursday, October 6, 2011

David Isaac first day of Kindergarten!! August 2011

Isabella wanted to go with Isaac on his first day! Solomon slept in! :)
She loves her big brother!

Family visit to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum - an excellent museum show casing the Mighty Eighth from World War II. This Air force from Savannah was very instrumental in bringing an end to the war in Germany. The whole family enjoyed and we paid our respects to the fallen hero's at the many memorial stones in their memorial garden.

In the Memorial Garden with my hero.

Checking out a McDonnel F-4C Phantom

This F-4C was made in 1965 and retired in 1987. These aircrafts "achieved legendary status in Vietnam".

A Vietnam Memorial in the Memorial Garden

David and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary in September. Since David has been in the military we have been in different states or countries for our actual anniversary day. This September David was at NTC in California training, so some girlfriends and I celebrated together. :) We went to a festival at the Meinhardt Winery in Statesboro, GA. Thanks Faith and Stephanie!! (And to Emily and Hunter who watched the kids!!!)

Back at the Mighty Eighth Museum...this time with Mamaw Vickie and Grandma Westbrook from Louisianna. I was thankful for their visit the last week before David got home. It was a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Mamaw Vickie, Grandma Westbrook with kiddos

Solomon - AKA BOY. He gets mad if you tell him his name is Solomon, he says, "NO, BOY!"

At the Lafayette Square in Savannah, GA. Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in the background.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist...the congregation established here in late 1700's

Savannah is known for it's Candy shops...thanks to Mamaw and Grandma we still have bags of it! :) We all had a lot of fun!!

Thanks for the memories Mamaw and Grandma! And thanks for getting me out to be a tourist!

Happy FALL to all and hope to have more visitors soon!

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