The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friends and Farewells

David & I sending the first wave of soldiers off to deploy. He left the next night. This is at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA

Solomon joined us as we spent Halloween weekend in Savannah, GA while Lid D and Isabella enjoyed Poppop and Grandma at Va Beach
David lovin on Soli
Eating at Vic's off the Riverwalk

David's unit - sign was in the hanger at the farewell. Gotta love the skull and snake. LOL
During David's block leave before he left - we had a mini-Christmas for the kids

Friends joined us for "Thanksgiving" meal

Good friends who we will miss as we all depart to our next duty stations. (We missed you Clint)

David has made is safely overseas and we are so thankful for all the prayers and thoughts. He is doing good and enjoying the work. He has long days though and cold nights! David, don't worry I'll send a big blanket soon!
Here on the homefront we are in survival mode. Lots to do each day and long days as well. Matt Redman's song, "He Never Let's Go" and Psalm 27 among other scriptures have definitely given me strength and perspective.
By His Grace, For His Name, & With His Strength....We Carry On....
Much Love, The Arthurs

Isabella turns 2 and Baby Payton

Isabella Grace turned 2 on October 16th :)
Some princess gear from Auntie Kim & family
Aunt Amanda, Uncle Josh & Payton were festive! (don't mess with them!)

Some girlfriends
Taking a break at the little party (izzie is the lady bug)
Fishing for treats with big D and helper...
Sweet Little Ladybug
At Grandparents Pier...We are sad the recent Nor'Easter took it out.

At Grandparents for Sunday lunch to celebrate baby Payton's baby dedication

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot

David was just recently home for quick block leave the past two weeks. My dear friend Rosemary came over to do a family photo shoot. Here is some fun from our camera. I will hopefully post more pictures from our visit soon. We had Izzie G's 2nd birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more all these past two weeks!!!
D. Isaac LOVES to climb trees and anything else he can get up!

Izzie tries to keep up...her daddy was helping

Soli and me

our lovely family photograhper - Rosemary

Izzie playing in the dirt

Solomon trying to eat the pumkin stem

the little climber - super duper David Isaac (he likes to call himself)
Grace and Peace to you and yours.
Keep in touch.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 2009

(David Isaac took this picture of us) We celebrated our 5th Anniversary last weekend - Sept 18th 2009 - woo hoo!! Let's see...5 years, 5 (working on 6th) moves, 2 hurricanes, and 3 kids...
We know it's "by grace alone"...
David gave kids soldier dolls in which I put picture of david's face on the doll. We call them "daddy dolls" and helps us keep daddy in our every day world these 16 months.
We played in the rain with our boots and then had chocolate chip cookies. (my kind of dinner:)) haha we had food too...after)

The superman crew....they tore up the house and yard but had a blast!!

Solomon super duper alert and intense all the time. Izzie just chills.

Lil d hair cut thanks to kids hair cuts are expensive. Thats why momma usually does it, but needed to be evened out after so many by me.

Isabella Grace turns two next month! She is very sweet and LOVEs her brothers...especially her playmate and wrestling buddy "d...d.....d.....d"

Soli James all smiles! So sweeet and teething like a champ! He is on toothie number 4 at 5 months.

We look forward to spending a couple weeks together as a family next month before saying our goodgyes. We are blessed in so many ways and one day hope to have chance to share the depths of all that God has been doing in our lives with you all. For now, we are in "survival" mode as David is very busy working with soldiers & preparing to depart. And I just change diapers, lug, and chase tots ALL DAY (and night) long. The day little D poops in the potty will be a GOOD DAY!
Grace and Peace to you,
The Arthurs
2 Corinithians 5

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cousin Vivian and July 4th!

July 4th celebrating wtih family at my Uncle Rich's and Aunt Brenda's home on Sugarhill
The view from my Uncle Rich's back yard on the 4th of July
Amanda, Solomon, Vivian, and I partying it up!
Isabella loved the kitty pool with a slide and it was tough getting her out.

LIl D hungout with our cousin's cousin Dylon in the big pool the whole time! Thanks Dylon!!!

Hanging out with our Cousin Vivian from Ohio in the back yard. She decorated kids with stickers. :) She is visited us for few weeks and helping out tons!!! yay!

Vivian with baby Solomon and his infamous look

Its been very busy and so much change going on as usual. I missed the month of June but HAPPY FATHER's Day to you all! I just have to say I have the best Dad!

July 4th was special with family though we missed David. He is doing lots and lots of necessary stuff and getting ready for fall deployment.

Will update more & pictures soon. Take care all!

By His Grace,

Priscilla for the Arthurs

Romans 12:12

Friday, May 15, 2009


David Isaac presenting me with a Mom's day plant he made at pre-school. His teachers put together a nice Mother's Day tea party for all the moms.

Isabella Grace on the way to the tea party. She loves arm bands, hats, shoes, and bags...
Solomon Jame's first (of many hopefully) visits to the beach:) 31/2 weeks old.

Ms. Vickie "Mamaw" spent Mother's day with us during her visit from Lousianna. We enjoyed service at Spring Branch community Church and cook-out & canoeing with neighbors. At Lil D's pre-school Tea Party

Baby Solomon almost 3 weeks in this pic

Mother Daughter Tea hosted by my "Women of the Chaple" group. Grandma, Mom, and I all celebrated mother's day early together. It's nice having them so close!!
It's said that you never fully appreciate your own mom until you have kids of your own. It's true for me and I've also gained new admiration for women & MOMs in general. Mother Teresa, Corrie Ten Boom, along with many women in my family are some of my heroes.
There are so many amazing hard working, servant hearted women out there who give their lives to others. This month I've been able to spend some time with my mom and mother-in-law who both fit that description. I am a blessed woman I know.
Women are strong and beautiful.
Women are so often the heart of the home and family.
Woman have the power to make huge differences in our society and life at a time.
May God bless us and our families and help us to be faithful to do the things that are most important. Bless the Lord our God who created us to do good works in Christ Jesus.
Psalm 134
Ephesians 2:10

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Celebrating "MOM" today and thanking God for her everyday!

Phil 1:3
I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.