The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 2009

(David Isaac took this picture of us) We celebrated our 5th Anniversary last weekend - Sept 18th 2009 - woo hoo!! Let's see...5 years, 5 (working on 6th) moves, 2 hurricanes, and 3 kids...
We know it's "by grace alone"...
David gave kids soldier dolls in which I put picture of david's face on the doll. We call them "daddy dolls" and helps us keep daddy in our every day world these 16 months.
We played in the rain with our boots and then had chocolate chip cookies. (my kind of dinner:)) haha we had food too...after)

The superman crew....they tore up the house and yard but had a blast!!

Solomon super duper alert and intense all the time. Izzie just chills.

Lil d hair cut thanks to kids hair cuts are expensive. Thats why momma usually does it, but needed to be evened out after so many by me.

Isabella Grace turns two next month! She is very sweet and LOVEs her brothers...especially her playmate and wrestling buddy "d...d.....d.....d"

Soli James all smiles! So sweeet and teething like a champ! He is on toothie number 4 at 5 months.

We look forward to spending a couple weeks together as a family next month before saying our goodgyes. We are blessed in so many ways and one day hope to have chance to share the depths of all that God has been doing in our lives with you all. For now, we are in "survival" mode as David is very busy working with soldiers & preparing to depart. And I just change diapers, lug, and chase tots ALL DAY (and night) long. The day little D poops in the potty will be a GOOD DAY!
Grace and Peace to you,
The Arthurs
2 Corinithians 5

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Elsie Hall said...

You're my hero Pris! I don't know how moms with young ones so close in age do it--especially military wives who so often go it alone...but by the Grace, right? Your kids look fabulous and you can see they're thriving :-) Miss you and love you!