The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer Fun

Solomon enjoying some dinner in Va beach

love this picture of Soli chillin and Izzie huggin her brother watchin some DoraAmanda and Josh (miss them!:() after celebrating Father's day with our dad at Bubba's Seaford on water in Va Beach Happy Father's day Pops! we'll have to go fishing some day!!My dear friend - Nikita - Niki - Nicole - she helped me so much as we prepared to move and actually came down to Savannah, Ga too to help get settled! One of my little angles.

have I mentioned we LOVE the beach! the biggest thing that we miss is the fact that we are no longer 1.1 miles from a beach. thankfully, we are still under an hour:)

Solomon staring at something? We are at lil d's swim lessons.
Lil d getting comfortable in the water...
big 4 year old taking first swim class
one of our old favorite parks - soli mad his brother is pushing him. its just not the same as mom i guess!
lil izzie g and me at the beach
kiddo's enjoying life and the beauty of creation... david isaac on a mom date - we went to beach and ice cream
the beach part :)
The kids at Vacation bible School - their friend Hannah joined them on the last day! :) My friend Julie from northern Va came down with her daughter Hannah for a sweet visit.
Solomon having fun
Grandma's famous wave from Sugar Hill. In this picture, waving good-bye to cousin Jane's family and ours. Their home will be Auctioned on Sept 25th ;(
Cousin Jane saying farewell one last time at this particular location. She has fond memories of trips to visit Aunt Carolyn and Uncle John on Sugar Hill.
Peter drove to northern Virgina with me to help with the kids. It was great - instead of me saying "David ISAAC!!!! please stop talking!!!" Peter was back their..."David Isaac!!!!!!" :) cousins are great!!!

Father's day spending time with my dad at their home in Stafford.

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