The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Thursday, September 16, 2010

saying goodbyes and heading south

But first, here is a picture of big David with some soldiers. Please keep soldiers and families in your prayers. Especially families reintegrating. It can be an wonderful yet really tough time for families.
Hanging out at favorite pool at Va beach - last play date with cousin Payton

they either hugging or fighting
Grandma hanging with soli

last vist to Sugar Hill (grandparents already moved out- the family taking care of all the stuff that was left behind! more than they took with them)
Lil D and Izzie G
on porch at sugar hill - farewells
Saying goodbye to great Aunt Millie - she lives down street from sugar hill

Payton and Izzie doing a dance
The Grandparents hugs good bye
Dear friend Nikki came in town to help wtih all the move and family affairs!
joshie pooh and amanda joined us (they now live 2 minutes from grandparents which is so nice!)
Solomon had a long day.....the first of many!!
Pops had to come down one more time - he helped fist day of the movers
the big truck...showed up 3/4 full! needless to say, they didn't get it all in there...had to bring another truck and two delivery dates. fun stuff!
Ms. Vick flew in from LA to help clean house and drive David's truck down! She was a real trooper and life saver!!

kids huggin next door neighbors :) miss you!
Pwoc ladies - a dear group of women of faith - they prayed us out and gave us goodies as we left the base...
4th stop of the day - and just now leaving Va beach! Had to stop to get some wendy's frosties!
next stop - Chic filet - this place was not easy to find!! next time will map out ahead of time:)

chic -filet:) kids played at park for good hour. we took it easy. more icecream too. :)
new kitchen - arrived wednesday night at end of July, thursday got keys to our house, and friday the first load of movers arrived.

taking a break at the water park just down our street.
fun stuff!
Soli J

Mr. David Isaac
Lil miss Izzie Bella
our new bath!
Whats up?!

Lil man first day of Pre-K (wearing his favorite super man shirt!)
The Rent's came down for Labor Day weekend

The kids and I (and broken big toe!) River walk, Savannah
Thanks mom and dad for our family piano!

maybe on or all will grow up playing!!
some new friends playing at the mall :) (a neighbor friend and I went to take kids to indoor was closed so we had to improvise...this is their balloon dancing. Solomon was really into it you can tell)
woo hoo for fun times with friends!!!
Haven't posted anything in a while and then just posted 3 long ones!! Sorry about that family:)
Anyway, we are slowly but surely getting settled in Savannah. We have a wonderful church and neighborhood. We still miss Va beach - the beach, family, and friends, - the kids still talk about it too. But we are getting use to our new home and know God has a plan and purpose for us here. We are also excited to be in the place where David will be coming home to. The kids look at the helicopters military planes and ask, "Is daddy on that one??!!" I keep telling them - after Isabella's birthday party, then we will start looking for daddy's plane.
Soon, but still not soon enough, the kids and I will be running into his arms!! Until then, we keep focus and take it all one moment at a time!
God is our refuge and strength; a very present help in trouble!
He carries us through!
God bless you and yours!

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