The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ventures with Vivian

My cousin is visiting from Ohio and has been in "military wife" boot camp. She's been such a gift and blessing from God. It's so nice to have some extra hands around the house and with the kids. We've had some fun adventures together too...
She is quite the gardner and gave me some good tips with my potted plants and we also planted a couple together. Here are the beautiful gerber daisies
We ran a 8k at First Landing National Park at Va Beach.
Speaking of the beach......I could go there everday!

So Vivian has learned what military wives know - it seems everything breaks when your spouse is deployed. We have had a broken washing machine (in which I got my first traffic ticket driving to meet the repair man at the gate). Currently we have a broken computer, camera, drill, truck, and lawn mower..among other things... Pictured is Ms. Vivian modeling the lovely little over a year and yet broken lawn mower.

We took turns with the weed eater...exciting stuff!
Thankfully, David had a back up was hard work mounting the flag mount :)

But we did it! It was in a rather awkward spot and pretty hilarious to watch us do this together.
David Isaac came out to help

plants and veggies are blooming
my first tomato (David wanted you to see this! :))
Izzie-Bella-Grace with her pink wings
David Isaac in his element
Solomon James catching a wave

that was tough work...he is ready for a little snoozer
Get that energy out!!!
Bella Grace thanking God for the ocean
She loves her cousin Vivian
Soli getting ready to dig up some lunch
A beautiful day at the beach

And love will hold us together make us a shelter to weather the storm
And I will be my brother's keeper so the whole world will know that we are not alone
lyrics from Matt Maher's "Hold Us Together"
Great song that Vivian and I have been singing this week. :)
I'm thankful that God's love holds us together and that He created family and sisterhood so that we are not alone as we venture through life on earth.
Looking forward to David's return back home! We miss him very much and Lil d pray all the time "Thank you Jesus that you will bring daddy home soon, thank you Jesus for daddy's truck" :) Isabella sang "Amazing Grace" to David on the phone this morning.
Praying for our soldiers, our leaders, and for the follwer's of Christ to shine His Light/Love for the world to see.

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