The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Monday, November 28, 2011


Thankful for our Marriage/Family Retreat weekend at Hilton Head last month. Good and challenging times. Thanks to the great child-care workers and for a room full of vibrant children!

I love this family!
thankful for them...

David teaching at the marriage retreat. Thank you to 1687 Foundation, an organization that provides FREE books to military families.

THE IRON VIPER! An Army tradition athletic competition for the Viper unit. It consists of sit ups, push ups, ruck-march, and run. Thankful for health and ability for all of us to finish this event!

Our awesome family side-kick Shelby. She joined us on the run and ruck-march and made it extra fun! Thank you Shelby and Melisa:)

The kids loved the display of guns...

The Col. and Sgt Mgr presenting our family with certificates of completion. Woo hoo!

Thankful for this beautiful wedding and family celebration time in Florida. Ann and Brian, we love you! (I hope to do a whole blog on the wedding, I have so many great pictures! Thank you both and to your families for planning such a lovely wedding weekend)

Thankful for sisters and for laughter.

Thankful for cousins and for family

Thankful for husbands who took care of kids so that we could get away for special sister/family time. SO very thankful for Jessica's and Rick's safe return from Afghanistan last month.
5K family TURKEY TROT: Go Isaac!

For dads who spend time with thier kids and enjoy it
Thankful for the organizations that work hard to promote military family togetherness and provide free family fun. Isabella and Solomon ran/walked in shifts.

THANKSGIVING 2011 at the Military Cafeteria. We were served a delicious thanksgiving meal in the company of some pretty amazing people/families. Thanks to all those who were a part of this and huge thank you to those serving in harms way today so we can enjoy daily freedoms.

for her smile :)for fun times with friends

for thier integrity, leadership, and service

thankful for this family and for all thier service and for this one

Thankful for Isaac's awesome facial expressions:)

Thanksgiving day! Thanks to David's CH asst, she was my fabulous side-kick in the kitchen. She also made a tasty Puertican style dish. Yum! Thanks to Grandma, Mom, Ms. Vick, Amanda, and Leigh Ann for all the family recipes! You were around the table in spirit. And thanks Terry for going to Walmart with me late night and for keeping me focused to get last minute supplies.

The kids table (oh, i remember those days at the kid table) Thankful for each occupied chair!

For the Rumshik family and for their babies first Thanksgiving:)

Thankful for child-like faith. Before we prayed to eat, David Isaac read Psalm 136 and then Isaac, the Rumshik's 4 year old, spontaneously busted out with the song "How great is our God". It was awesome!

Decorating the Christmas tree! The earliest I think we've decorated for Christmas!
Thank you GOD for the joy and laughter these little ones bring into our lives!

THANK YOU GOD for HOPE. At church yesterday we began to celebrate the season of advent and reflected on the HOPE we have as Christians.

*HOPE- God's Word is true

*HOPE- God is Sovereign-over human history, over the wicked, and when you cannot see

*HOPE- God's GRACE is truly amazing

We sang these lyrics, "My hope is in You, Lord All the day long, I won't be shaken by drought or storm, A peace that passes understanding is my song, And I sing My hope is in You Lord" (Aaron Shust - My Hope Is In You Lord)

Lastly, remembering and lifting up those who are suffering today. To the many who have empty seats around the table and empty places in their hearts from the loss of loved ones. May God's hope and peace comfort you. Remebering those around the world who are suffering and in prison for the name of Christ. May His strength, grace, and very presence uphold you and your great cause. Thankful that this world is not all that there is. "For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for a city that is to come." Hebrews 13:14

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