The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lil D off to Pre-school

David Isaac started preschool this month! He is a complete mess and loves to run wild in the great out doors, so you can imagine the adjustment he is having to a structured class room. He is learning and doing great and the teacher keeps me well informed on his behavior. He is said to be a super sweet kid who asks the teachers for hugs BUT he is having a really hard time staying on his nap mat during quiet time. While most of the other kids fall asleep, Lil D is keeping his poor teacher on her toes. Ms. Carol said he is doing better but we will continue to bring the nap mat home for the weekends to practice staying on the mat!

Isabella turns one next month, October 16th. We can't believe how fast time flys. She has been walking for a couple months now and absolutely loves her big brother. She is a happy chunk of love for the most part though she gets really upset if she wakes up and no one is around. She screams the moment her eyes open up from sleep until someone comes to pick her up. She also gets upset at meal time - you better not let her plate get empty!

David and I are really enjoying the Virginia Beach area and are trying to make the most of our time here. It's hard to believe we've been here 6 months already! Most of you have probably heard the news but we found out not too long ago that we will be having another baby due April 17th. Might as well get them all out and through the diaper stage!!! We are very excited and thankful for this precious gift from God. We are both learning so much as parents - very humbling and great responsibility.

We'd love to hear from you and hope all is well with you and yours!!!!

By His Grace & For His glory!


Anonymous said...

David Isaac is getting so big! He looks all grown up in that picture of him getting ready for school!!! Congratulations on the third baby!

-NC said...

Love the blog. Pics are awesome. Little Dave is gonna be nasty. I hope he grows up to be a wrestler with a cool name like "Nasty D" or something like that-

The Pirtle family said...

This is great P. Oh, I am so excited for the two of you in having another baby. That is awesome. I miss you and so glad that we at least have email to stay in touch. Keep me posted on things. Love you girl.

Carrie Pirtle

Jacquelyn said...

Your kiddos are getting so big! How exciting...preschool! Wow. Glad to hear everything is going well. Contrats on #3. Keep in touch.

Ash said...

Great page!!!! I love it. David Isaac is such a big boy going to school. I can't believe that Isabella will be 1 in a month. It sure does fly by. (I will definitely want keep babysitting still for you when the new baby arrives.)

I am glad you all are enjoying your time here in Virginia beach

Maureen said...

Wow!1 I cannot get over how much Izzie looks like Lil D. He is sooo big!! Congrats on your new addition. You all look great and happy!
love u, Maureen